Working at IMS
IMS (Integrated Mechanization Solutions) develops and supplies highly accurate production systems. IMS has been doing this for twenty years, with Almelo as its place of business. IMS specialises in building (automated) assembly lines and in process automation for small, complex products and assemblies. IMS always strives for accuracy and high volumes in the assembly lines. The customers IMS supports are mainly OEMs and TIER 1 suppliers in the field of automotive, photonics, smart devices and the medical world.
Actuele vacatures

Our biggest challenge

We want to make our customer the best performing and producing company in their field; we want to give them a sustainable competitive advantage comparing to the competition. This is not a one-time transaction, but a long-term relationship. We think with our customers across life cycles and product groups. Our pay-off is therefore: ''taking you steps ahead!''

Personal Growth

The growth path within IMS is not fixed. Therefore, you get the room and opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally; IMS makes a budget available for this. In addition, initiative and entrepreneurship with regard to growth is highly valued.

IMS in a nutshell

You shouldn't work at IMS if you're reluctant to show initiative and have a lot of responsibilities. You should join IMS if you want to experience projects from beginning to end and if you want to contribute to the success of the IMS customers. 

The Application Process

1️⃣Telephone introduction with recruiter
2️⃣First meeting with recruiter and hiring manager
3️⃣Second meeting with two colleagues
4️⃣Terms of employment interview
🤝You got the job!